Benefits for distributors

No incidents due to the packaging

Costs saving:
Less product loss thanks to the vertical ventilation and optimum stability
Lower handling costs in the platforms and shops
Lower transport costs by reducing packaging tare
Without deposits and administrative costs
No repackaging costs

And also…
Optimum product quality and freshness
Standard Package: compatible with EURO and ISO pallets
Inviting exposure at the point of sale, thanks to its presentation “ready to use”
Environmental commitment: 100% recyclable

Benefits for producers

No claims for packaging

Costs saving:
Immediate delivery, lower level of stock
Same cost than any other traditional option
Without deposits and without residue risks
Low administrative costs
Easy and efficient handling

And also…
Standard Package: compatible with ISO and EURO pallets
Easy and safe stacking
Specially treated to improve the product cooling

  • G100
  • G70
  • G50